House Architecture

Upon approaching the house, visitors are impressed with the statuesque, yet graceful structure of 566 East Avenue. Built of soft-colored red brick, the house has many attractive details to admire. The house is of the Eclectic style with French and Georgian details appearing faintly reminiscent of a French chateau. The Eclectic style was popular from 1880 to 1940. Leon Stern, a well-known Rochester architect, designed a wonderful home for the Vogt family. Thanks to the stewardship and meticulous care and maintenance of the Century Club, this fine architectural example remains today.

The Clubhouse was built by Albrecht Vogt in 1910. It was one of the grand homes of East Avenue where the social life of Rochester centered.

Visitors entering the home notice the massive stone porches on the front and Strathallan Park sides of the home. These porches might bring to mind wonderful garden parties on the veranda of an era long ago. Corinthian columns frame the entrance to the house. Grillework enhances the windows of the double door.

house-staircaseUpon entering the house, the first impression is of the beautiful curved staircase, an outstanding feature of the home. The staircase rises from the hallway to a landing before continuing to the second floor. The second floor handrail forms a circle around the entire floor providing vantage points to the hallway below or to the spectacular oculus above. Albrecht Vogt built this staircase so that his three daughters would be able to descend it in all their wedding finery. Many brides throughout the decades have had the thrill of coming down this staircase and posing for photographs in their beautiful gowns.

Looking up to the third floor, visitors are fascinated with the dome, which is in a pleasing pattern of stained glass. Carved cherubs and ribbons set off the dome of the rotunda. The background area around the carvings is painted a light blue that sets off the scene wonderfully.

The Century Club is elegantly furnished and decorated. The subtle style enhances the beauty of the home.  Its pleasant atmosphere lends itself to all kinds of gatherings and functions- from bridge club meetings to business meetings, and beyond.  Seven fireplaces, although no longer used, add much beauty and charm to the home with their carved mantels and marble of varying hues.

The charming double and single parlors lend themselves to many different uses. The adjoining Pine room is an ideal place for a small business lunch meeting, or, perhaps, a game of bridge.

house-parlorThe private dining room is the original dining room used by the Vogts. Its beautiful woodwork, elegant built-in display cabinets, and the handsome marble fireplaces provide the perfect setting for smaller dinners and lunches. The main dining room is for large gatherings and has been a setting for many lavish galas. It is enhanced by natural light from eight large windows and, at night, original sconces illuminate the room.

From the large dining room there is access to the Garden room; its three walls of windows bring the outdoors in. This room provides a lovely setting for many types of functions.

Located on the second floor is an attractive lending library with an excellent collection of contemporary literature. It is used frequently by members.

Also located on the second floor is the ballroom. This large room has hosted many dances through the decades, as well as being the main location for musical programs, plays, and lectures.

The Club successfully provides the perfect atmosphere for many different events and occasions. The Century Club members can choose from a variety of functional areas to fit their business and personal needs. A full kitchen can accommodate members needs- from breakfast meetings, teas, luncheons, dinners, weddings, and Sunday brunches.